YouTube Music Now Works In Unsupported Countries For Subscribers

YouTube Music Now Works In Unsupported Countries For rs

Photo Credit: YouTube

YouTube Music subscribers can finally listen to their music when traveling in an unsupported country.

Tight laws and regulations on who can stream what and where are a part dealing with the music industry. YouTube Music stopped working in unsupported countries, even if you were an active subscriber. That’s one the biggest complaints about the service for frequent travelers.

YouTube Music users confirmed their previously downloaded tracks and fline playlists disappeared. These complaints have been ongoing for months on Google’s support forums. But things appear to be changing behind the scenes for now.

Android Police reports that at least two different people can confirm using the service in Taiwan and Belarus. Both countries are currently unsupported for the app. Users who traveled to Puerto Rico and Algeria also confirm that the service now works there.

Both users confirm they paid for a in a supported country. Both users still see the unsupported country warning, but they can still stream their music. Attempting to access the YouTube Music site in incognito mode gives the standard warning.

Google has never been shy in admitting that travelers will lose access to the app while traveling.

In the service’s launch support documents, Google states that travel to unsupported regions means you cannot access the service.

“YouTube Music Premium is available in the countries/regions listed below. If you leave these countries/regions, you won’t be able to access  Premium benefits.”

A revised support document seems to indicate that it may be changing. A new sub-section titled ‘Travel With YouTube Music‘ outlines some different rules. Specifically, it says music content is available while traveling for six months, while downloads are only available for 30 days.

“Your paid membership benefits (such as fline listening, background play, ad-free listening, etc.) will only apply in the app while you are traveling. These benefits are not currently supported for traveling members in other apps and services.”

Google’s support documents are ten littered all over the place. The newly updated document with revised travel information seems to reflect the current user experience while traveling.