YouTube Music App Is Now the Preinstalled Default on Android 10 Devices

YouTube Music App Is Now the Preinstalled Default on Android 10 Devices

Photo Credit: YouTube Music

Google has announced that YouTube Music will come preinstalled on all Android 10 devices.

This move makes YouTube Music the default music player for most Android devices. It removes Google Play Music as the default on Android. New device owners will no longer need to download the app from the Google Play Store.

Google says those who prefer GPM can download it from the Play Store. This is obviously part Google’s push to make YouTube Music the new default. Those us who have been in the Android ecosystem long enough remember when Google Play Music launched.

YouTube has not yet enabled users to upload their own songs in YouTube Music, either. That’s one critical difference between GPM and the YouTube Music app. Many refuse to switch until that feature is enabled, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming. The Verge has been asking after the function for years now and keeps getting the “working on it” excuse.

Google’s unfocused approach to app development doesn’t inspire confidence.

The company wants its new music app to stand against Spotify and Apple Music. But the subscription service locks away basic features like background play. Google is also quick to abandon its apps. Just ask any Android user how they feel about messaging on Android if you want a long story to put you to sleep.

The point is, and are consistently adding new features and content. Meanwhile, Google is trying to get the world to adopt its third music app. Exclusive content and originals worth paying for exist on both the former services. I’ve yet to see a YouTube Original worth watching.

These days you can’t open the regular YouTube app without an invitation to spend money on YouTube Premium. Or to download YouTube Music and experience the difference. It’s become annoying enough that I’ve started to avoid YouTube altogether.