Welcome Tori Amos to the Resistance With Her Second Memoir

It feels like everyone’s eager to write two kinds books these days: books about Trump and celebrity memoirs. Well, count Tori Amos in for both! The singer-songwriter announced a new memoir out next May called Resistance: A Songwriter’s Story Hope, Change and Courage, according to EW — and although it’s not quite about Trump and not quite a classic tell-all, it’ll tell the story her career while reckoning with politics and protest.

Resistance “begins with her early years as a teenager playing piano for the politically powerful in hotel bars during the formative years the post-Goldwater and then Koch-led Libertarian and Reaganite movements and works its way through her years as a hungry artist living in LA and into the next three decades one music’s most influential and courageous voices,” according to an Instagram post. It’s not Amos’s first foray into publishing, following the conversational autobiography Piece By Piece, which she wrote with Ann Powers. Meanwhile, Amos’s last album, Native Inlander, came out in 2017, so maybe we’re due for another those too?