We Tried The New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich To See If It Can Claim Chick-fil-A’s Crown

This Monday, Popeyes ficially dropped their long-awaited new chicken sandwich to instant acclaim. Not only did Twitter erupt into a frenzy as sandwich-heads far and wide jumped at the chance to crown a new Queen as the greatest chicken sandwich all time, but the hype is so strong that several Popeyes across the country are selling out the sandwich completely. In fact, just last night — while eating a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich for the second time this week — I saw the chaos unfold after a line people were told they wouldn’t be able to get sandwiches their own.

The scene was, frankly, frightening. For a moment, I pitied everyone still waiting in the drive-thru, now wrapped around the block. Then, as I took a bite from my sandwich, I quickly forgot about them.

Currently, the keeper the crown for the greatest chicken sandwich all time arguably belongs to Chick-fil-A, it’s why the two chains are at the center the firey Twitter debate (sorry Wendy’s) in the first place. And since Chick-fil-A is the subject, we now have to wade into politics for a second. Sorry. We wish we didn’t have to talk about politics every time we wanted to talk about a goddamn chicken sandwich either, but this is what happens when the keeper the crown supports bigoted organizations.

The Politics

Chick-fil-A having the best fast-food chicken sandwich is a fact that an increasing number us have a problem with, due to the company’s very recent monetary support organizations that blame homosexuals for the sexual, physical, and mental abuse children, like the Paul Anderson Youth Home; force employees to sign a contract that explicitly bars them from homosexual acts, like the Fellowship Christian Athletes; or has discriminated against transgender families in the past, like the Salvation Army. If you can separate politics from food, good for you. But a lot people, just can’t stomach Chick-fil-A in good conscious and that’s their right.

Of course, this outrage is not enough to stop Chick-fil-A from currently being one the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the nation, but that’s not really the point. The company donated almost $2 million to these organizations as recently as 2017, while simultaneously claiming to not have a political or social agenda after previous controversies. That’s dishonest, and for many, it was the final straw.

Okay, cleansing breath and moving on…