Watch Slipknot Debut A Heavy-Metal Anthem For Amazon’s ‘The Boys’

When Garth Ennis wrote The Boys comic 15 years ago, he imagined a world where ordinary street vigilantes, unafraid to break some heads and skirt the law, would rise up and take on villainous superheroes for the greater good. With Amazon set to give us the TV adaptation that world, Uproxx knew fans needed an appropriately badass anthem to get them hyped for the thrashing ahead — and no one shreds harder than the heavy-metal kings, Slipknot.

In collaboration with Uproxx and The Boys, the band just released a video for a track timed to the premiere the show, which stars Karl Urban and Jack Quaid as two men hellbent on revenge against God-like heroes with abilities that they call “supes.” The video blends live footage the band and crowds head-banging to the rage-filled track with scenes from the show Urban’s Billy Butcher smashing a man’s face into a porcelain sink, Quaid’s Hughey rinsing a supe’s blood f his face, and other bits mayhem. All this is set to the beat the band’s intense lyrics and insane guitar shreds. It’s the perfect marriage disenfranchised rebellion and chaos that both fans The Boys and Slipknot will appreciate, but the artists have a deeper connection to the story The Boys.

Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor is a mega Ennis fan who met the iconic writer at New York Comic Con in 2012. Taylor went on a tour the con where he relayed his love comic books like Preacher before making his way to Ennis’ signing booth and pressing his reverence for the man himself. Fast forward just a few years and the band is now crafting a signature song and music video for one Ennis’ most beloved stories — a wild ode to revolutionaries who aren’t afraid to get a little bloody for their cause. With that and a collection characters who adopt alter-egos like Butcher, Mother’s Milk, The Female, and Frenchie, Slipknot fans might see a bit the band in the story The Boys. The masks, the aliases, and the determination to upend the status quo — these are all traits that both sets maggots (as Slipknot diehards are proudly known for how they literally feed f the band’s radical energy during performances) have. The Boys, like the band, revel in going against the establishment, they find power in their unrestrained self-expression and incite the same passionate, visceral response in others. It’s what makes this team-up so satisfying. That and the killer video above.

‘The Boys’ premieres on July 26th, only on Amazon Prime Video.