The Who Is Releasing Their First Album In 13 Years — Just Like Tool

The legendary rock band the Who seems to be following in the footsteps Tool, who recently released their first album in 13 years — and immediately topped the charts.

The Who will be releasing their first album in 13 years, too. It will be entitled “WHO,” and Polydor Records will be putting it out on November 22.

The album will have 11 tracks, including “Ball and Chain,” which is a politically-infused song that the band has already performed in live shows. Co-produced by D. Sardy and Who guitarist Pete Townshend, the album was recorded in the spring and summer this year in both Los Angeles and London.

Roger Daltrey, who is the Who’s legendary singer, insists that the album is the band’s best effort since “Quadrophenia,” which came out in 1973. He was particularly effusive in praising Townshend’s work on the record. He says Townshend is “still a fabulous songwriter” and that he has “still got that cutting edge.”

Townshend also commented on the album. He says that, unlike some their previous classics, there is no theme or concept to the new album. It is just a collection songs that he wrote with his brother Simon that he hopes will mesh with Daltrey’s “revived singing voice.” He also says that — because he and Daltrey are no longer young men — the songs stay away from both romance and nostalgia.

Famed artist Sir Peter Blake, who is a friend the Who, created the artwork for the album, which was unveiled September 12 at New York City’s Pace gallery.

“WHO” is already available for preorder on the band’s website, and American fans the ageless rockers can see them perform live this fall, with several shows scheduled in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. Next year, they plan to tour the United Kingdom as well.

The Who’s last album was “Endless Wire,” which came out in 2006.