The RIAA Successfully Takes Down Two More Pirate Sites — Mixstep and NoFile

In its ongoing war against music pirate websites, the RIAA has scored major victories.

Over the past several weeks, the RIAA has managed to successfully take down numerous piracy websites.

First, in mid-March, the major music industry organization YouTubNow.  The YouTube stream-ripper had long boasted about its “powerful service.”  Yet, following a subpoena request at the United States District Court for the District Columbia, YouTubNow went the way the dodo.

Then, teaming up with the IFPI and Music Canada, the RIAA large-scale cyberlocker, DBRee.

The IFPI explained,

DBR was responsible for large scale copyright infringement music content.

On behalf our member record companies, IFPI, RIAA, and Music Canada identified and contacted the site operator who has now agreed to shut down the site completely and not to infringe sound recording rights in the future.

Now, as the RIAA continues to wage war against Y2Mate and FLVTO, the organization has scored two more victories.

Adios, Mixstep and NoFile.

Following another subpoena request at the federal court in D.C., Mixstep has ficially closed its doors.

Mixstep allows DJs and music producers to upload and share their own works to a large audience.  Yet, the website admittedly had a difficult time banning users who frequently posted copyrighted works on its platform.

Once again targeting Cloudflare and NameCheap, an accredited domain registrar, the RIAA has requested the personal information Mixstep’s owner.  In sent to Cloudflare, the music organization identified a single infringing track on the website – Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s single, ‘I Don’t Care.’

Speaking with TF about the platform’s closure, Mixstep’s anonymous owner explained the site’s purpose.

We made this project for DJs and producers.  We already banned a lot users who uploaded illegal files.

Lamenting the DMCA letter, the owner added the site hadn’t earned any money from advertising, like most pirate sites do.

I think it’s enough to fight with all these users uploading infringing files] so we’re going to shut down our project very soon.  Anyway, Mixstep was a no-prit project.

In addition, giving in to pressure from the RIAA, NameCheap has suspended the domain cyberlocker NoFile.

Just as in the DMCA letter to the registrar about Mixstep, the music organization ,

The website associated with this domain name fers files containing sound recordings which are owned by one or more our member companies and have not been authorized for this kind use.

Whether NoFile will file an appeal against NameCheap remains to be seen.


Featured image by Roger Gregory (CC by 2.0).