The Miz Talks Cleveland, Baker, And Why It’s The Browns Year (For Real This Time)

The Cleveland Browns have long been the laughingstock the NFL, and for good reason. Since returning to the league as an expansion team in 1999, the Browns have made one trip to the playfs and had just two winning seasons.

The list quarterbacks that have started for Cleveland over that time period is incredibly long and well-documented on an infamous Browns jersey showing all the various starters that have failed to deliver on the promise being a franchise savior. There have been veterans signed and highly-touted youngsters drafted, but none them have been able to bring any prolonged success to Cleveland. Following a slow start last year, top overall pick Baker Mayfield was thrown into the fire hoping to stop that streak after Tyrod Taylor went down in Week 3.

Mayfield won that game and led the Browns to a 7-8-1 record. With some major fseason additions like Odell Beckham Jr., Cleveland enters the 2019 season with real playf expectations for the first time in over a decade. That’s a big deal in Cleveland, and one the Browns biggest and most famous fans — Cleveland native Mike Mizanin, best known as WWE’s The Miz — is driving the bandwagon.

We got a chance to talk with The Miz this week on behalf Bud Light, as he’ll be on hand next week when the Browns and Bud Light open a pop-up shop where fans can buy their very own victory fridge. We talked about the suffering that has been our shared Browns fandom, why this season truly feels different, Baker Mayfield actually seeming like a franchise quarterback, the pride Cleveland natives have for their city, and more.

But first, Miz had to make sure I wasn’t a bandwagon Browns fan and actually had been through the fire.