Taylor Swift’s Dreamy, Romantic ’Lover’ Title Track Is Finally Here

Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated album Lover is out one week from today, and the singer-songwriter has stoked already sky-high expectations with another fantastic single.

Swift first teased “Lover” in her cover story for Vogue. “This has one my favorite song] bridges,” she said the interview. “I love a bridge, and I was really able to go to Bridge City.” The bridge in question here? “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue/ All’s well that ends well to end up with you.” And, now that the song is out, we can confirm it’s as great as Swift said it was.

The song is slow, romantic, and acoustic — pretty different from everything we’ve heard from Lover so far, but Swift is the queen versatility, so nothing’s unexpected from her. With its slow dance tempo and commitment-ready lyrics, “Lover” is destined to be the soundtrack every prom and wedding for the next decade. Bring it on — this song is fantastic and deserves to score every milestone.

“Lover” was co-written by Jack Antonf, the super-producer who worked with Swift on some 1989 and Reputation‘s best songs. Antonf has been busy lately — apart from assisting on Lover, he also worked with Lana Del Rey on her upcoming album Norman F*cking Rockwell.

Lover is out August 23 Republic. Listen to the album’s title track above.