Taylor Swift Fans Discovered Something Adorable About The Route In ’London Boy’

Taylor Swift has said that she loves leaving easter eggs in her work for fans to discover, and it appears that some her devotees have uncovered a fascinating one. On “London Boy,” Swift name-drops a bunch locations in and around the UK city, so naturally, fans have decided to map the route she describes, and it turns out that the path formed is in the shape a heart.

That’s cute, but it turns out that when it comes to practical travel, the route may not actually make a ton sense. One fan decided to do a deep analysis what sorts public transport Swift would have to use to get from place to place, and his Twitter thread outlines a trip that begins with a logical route in mind before things unravel and Swift finds herself on an unnecessarily long and tedious journey. As another fan pointed out, though, perhaps Swift didn’t visit all these places in one day.

Regardless, fans were impressed by the lyrical planning on Swift’s part.