Suga From BTS Goes Hard in the Map of the Soul: 7 Trailer

BTS has made a name for themselves as hard workers with big dreams. But now that they’re the biggest boy band in the world … what’s next? Suga raps and sings solo about the responsibilities and anxieties that come with fame in the brand new trailer for their upcoming album Map the Soul: 7. In the music video, titled “Interlude : Shadow,” Suga wanders through a futuristic dream world, surrounded and stalked by hooded figures that represent “his multiple egos and desires,” per the release. “I wanna be rich,” he whispers, forgetting about the $3 million apartment he owns. Even as he performs on stage, figures haunt him in the audience. Eventually (and by that we mean: after a pretty sick flow change), he fades into the crowd. The boys BTS – RM, Jin, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Jung Kook, and Suga – make a full comeback on February 21 when Map the Soul: 7 drops.