Spotify Pisses off Android Users by Removing the Homescreen Widget

Spotify Pisses f Android Users by Removing the Homescreen Widget

Photo Credit: Android Police

Spotify has removed support for the playback widget on the Android home screen. The move has left several users scrambling to downgrade their app to get the widget back.

Earlier this (Tuesday) morning, several Android blogs began reporting on the removal the homescreen widget.  A post on the Spotify community forums about the removal has so far received a very negative response.

Spotify says they removed the feature to “pour resources into the things that make the best experience.” The generic little widget couldn’t have taken Spotify too many resources to maintain; it has looked the same way throughout the many versions Android.

The update that removes the widget is rolling out to Android users now.  The streaming giant isn’t wholly tone-deaf to the issue, though. A new Live Idea has surfaced on its site as a feature you can vote for.  For those who severely miss the widget, you can vote for its return.

However, it’s unlikely the form will do much. Despite tallying over 1,500 votes so far, Spotify has marked the issue as a “not right now” issue.

If that isn’t a fast enough solution, you can uninstall the app entirely and return to a previous version. The downside this approach is that it involves disabling automatic updates on your phone for now.  If you want the earlier version the app that features the home screen widget, follow these steps.

How to Get Spotify on Android With the Widget

  • Uninstall the Spotify app on Android.
  • Open the Google Play app and tap the hamburger icon
  • Tap Settings
  • Set the “auto-update apps” setting to f or don’t update
  • Install an older version Spotify from here

The streaming giant is one the only music solutions on Android to make this decision.  Amazon Music, , Pandora, SoundCloud, TIDAL, and several other media apps all feature home screen widgets.  Strangely enough, Google’s own does not support the feature.

Spotify also recently pulled the quick toggle to allow users to activate fline mode on Android.