Soundgarden 'Exploring a Possible Resolution' with Widow of Chris Cornell

Soundgarden 'Exploring a Possible Resolution' with Widow  Chris Cornell

Photo Chris Cornell

A new in the lawsuit that the widow Chris Cornell is against both Soundgarden and its business manager indicates that their dispute over unpaid royalties may soon be resolved.

Last month, Vicky Cornell filed the suit in the Miami Division the U.S. District Court’s Southern District Florida. She is accusing the surviving members Soundgarden — Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Hunter Benedict Shepherd — and business manager Rit Venerus not paying her royalties, in an attempt to force her to hand over unreleased recordings Cornell made before he committed suicide in May 2017.

Cornell has insisted that her husband made the recordings without the participation Soundgarden, so they have no rights to them. In spite this, she has maintained that she is willing to provide the band the recordings for use in a new Soundgarden album if her husband’s producer were involved in the project and if she were kept in the loop in regards to its marketing. However, she says that, while the band initially acceded to these demands, they have since reneged and demanded the recordings unconditionally while also asserting ownership them.

In the new filing, in which the defendants in the lawsuit are asking for an extension time to answer the complaint, it is specified that the extension is directly related to a possible resolution the matter.

The defendants want to extend the deadline to respond from January 15 to February 3, and this request is not being opposed by the plaintiffs in the case. They further say: “Moreover, Defendants Venerus and Cal Financial are exploring a possible resolution this matter. Accordingly, the additional time to respond is in the interest judicial efficiency.”

So, we should know in the next few weeks whether this “possible resolution” comes to fruition or not.