Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

A wallet friendly pair bookshelf speakers with great sound!

I was recently sent a pair speakers from Q Acoustic. Previously, I’d tested and reviewed Q Acoustics’ 3020 and 2020 speakers and thought they were great for their respective price points.  Initially, I was intrigued by these speakers because their design. They have the option to include stands for these bookshelf speakers, I thought it gave them a really nice look, especially in the white version.


Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Getting them unboxed, the quality theses speakers for the cost was something I immediately noticed. These can be purchased for $400 at the time my writing, and for that price, I cannot think a speaker I more strongly recommend. I am using them with the Q Acoustic stands which brings the price up to $650, but I still think they are an incredible value at that cost. I personally find the stands to be stylish. My fiancée does not agree, so they won’t please everyone.

Once I got them set up and running, I was really impressed by their sound! Compared to the 2020s, these had a much fuller sound. It was sort like a mix between the smoothness the 3020s, a more dramatic punchy-ness than the 2020s and clarity thanks to an even-ness the highs, mids and low end tones.

Comparison to tower speakers (3020)

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

The 3020s are great, but I think at this point, I would recommend them for much larger rooms than I can currently afford to live in. This could also be a byproduct the listening conditions I personally prefer over what is more universally considered ‘good’, but I prefer the sound the punchy bookshelf speakers over that the sometimes overly warm and smooth tower speakers. I feel I would have to bring the towers up to a louder volume than is really acceptable in an apartment building in order to get the same fullness and punchiness sound I get from the bookshelves at moderate volumes.


Music sounds great through these. The one thing that was lost between these and larger tower speakers is that you do lose some the finer details in the treble. I think that the power the mids and lows somewhat overwhelmed them, but this is a pretty standard tradef. Because there is less room to create the bass, you get a more forceful sound out them, which is that ‘punchy-ness’ I referred to earlier.

Review: Q Acoustic Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Film and TV was also handled really well by these speakers. One the problems I have with the tower speakers is that the smoothness the midrange also makes voices a little less distinctive and pronounced. I think that people with large spaces and no neighbors that they share walls with may enjoy the larger tower speakers, but I found that the volume control between dialogue sections and more special effects driven sections to be all over the place.

The consistent sound levels may have something to do with the more compact soundstage that the bookshelf speakers provide, but I also think that part the solution is that the gelcore technology allows for there to be more evenness volume without the worry causing vibration noises. This allows for a pretty even volume and I did not find myself always holding the remote to increase or decrease the volume whatever I was watching.



The Concept 20s use a new technology that Q acoustic invented called Gelcore. It separates the inner and outer walls the speaker with a glue-like compound which remains viscous. The gel helps isolate the vibration into the inner cabinet the speaker. This allows for a less vibrations to be transferred into the room, enhancing the clarity the sound. An additional layer on the speaker stands is also used which enhances the experience for those who choose to purchase the Concept 20 stands. This new technology is absolutely effective and there is a clear and audible difference (your neighbors will also appreciate it if you have shared walls). Luckily, this will be utilized in future Q acoustic models as I think it’s the most important new addition to these speakers as compared to the previous models tested.


I think these speakers are a great purchase! These can be had for under $300 from various online stores. Anyone in the market for a pair great sounding bookshelf speakers will be extremely pleased with the Q Acoustic Concept 20s.