Restaurant Owned by Drake Shuts Down, Landlord Demands Unpaid Rent

Restaurant Owned by Drake Shuts Down, Landlord Demands Unpaid Rent

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The Pick 6ix restaurant in downtown Toronto, which was an upscale sports bar owned by rap superstar Drake, has been shut down after the building’s owner terminated the restaurant’s lease as a result unpaid rent.

The restaurant, which opened last year, has long been troubled, having received many . Customers on yelp have complained about poor service, high prices and a snobby atmosphere.

Complaints included a $6-dollar plate fee that the restaurant charged for bringing out a plate to a table with a pre-purchased cake. Allegedly, the restaurant subsequently kept the cake after the customer refused to pay the fee.

But things got much worse for the restaurant on November 18, when it announced that — due to flooding — it would temporarily close. Though they indicated that they hoped to reopen sometime early next year.

However, according to the Toronto Star, the landlord the restaurant terminated its lease prior to the restaurant’s announcement the flooding issue.

The landlord reportedly left a lease termination notice on the property, which indicated that the restaurant owned them $67,514.73 in unpaid rent. The landlord further indicated that they tried many times to reach Drake’s management team without success.

However, Jeff Darby, who is the operations manager for the Pick 6ix, is denying the allegations unpaid rent. He said, “We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number issues with the building — including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes.”

This is not the first time that a Toronto restaurant Drake has failed. Last year, Frings closed, without providing any reason.

So far, Drake himself has not issued a comment on the matter. Though he certainly should have the means to pay the rent, as he is currently the fifth wealthiest rapper in the world, with an estimated net worth $150 million.