Pandora Launches an Audio Advertising Consultancy to Improve Ads… on Pandora

Pandora announces ‘Studio Resonate’ to help advertisers craft optimal audio commercials.

Pandora, now wholly-owned by Sirius XM, just revealed Studio Resonate, an internal branch designed to help interested individuals, companies, and groups optimize their advertising strategies and take advantage market trends.

Stated in short, Studio Resonate will make it easier for Pandora users to create pressional ads and marketing strategies, which can then be used to reach listeners on… Pandora.

Per Pandora’s ficial statement, the team at Studio Resonate will assist marketers, individuals, and brands as they craft audio advertisements with respect to the medium itself — not just, as is ten the case, adverts that are carried over from the internet and/or television.

In this way, Pandora believes marketing strategies can be made more effective, and the results these strategies can become more fruitful.

Though some industry experts are skeptical Studio Resonate (both in terms its purpose and its bility), there can be no denying that Pandora has made a tremendous splash in the music-streaming industry; with over 80 million monthly users to its credit, Pandora is one the most popular streaming services in the U.S.

The company was founded in 2000, and in February 2019, it was purchased by Sirius XM for $3.5 billion.  To this point, little had changed in the way that Pandora is operated, but Studio Resonate marks a turning point for Sirius XM’s ownership; it’s unlikely that Pandora’s previous owners would have taken such a step.

Only time will tell whether or not Studio Resonate is successful.  But in a day and age when the vast majority individuals are streaming, the potential for unique audio advertisements that elicit responses from targeted individuals seems limitless.  In theory, a division like Studio Resonate will help these ads to, well, resonate.