Of Course Kelly Clarkson Can Crush a Whitney Houston Cover

Kelly Clarkson proved her worth on American Idol with covers Aretha Franklin and Céline Dion. On tour, she’s given us fabulous takes on Dolly Parton and Etta James. Thanks to The Kelly Clarkson Show, you can now see her sing a Cher song. Yet somehow, the queen covers had never taken on one the best vocalists all time, Whitney Houston, until today. That’s right: Seventeen years after her Idol debut, we finally have a Kelly x Whitney performance for the books. She needs to start her talk show on an upbeat note, so don’t expect “I Will Always Love You” — instead, she has the whole crowd up and dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Not only is it instantly iconic from the first taps synth to the perfect key change, but it looks to be some the most fun Ms. Clarkson has had on her show. She’s singing with the audience! She’s working the crowd and telling them to come on! She’s doing that slight back-and-forth sway she does when she’s in her element! And we just want to be there to dance.