Martin Guitars Joins D'Addari's Growing String Recyling Program

Martin Guitars Joins D'Addari's Growing String Recyling Program

C.F. Martin & Co. has announced an ficial partnership with D’Addario’s Playback string recycling program.

D’Addario developed the program to give the public a way to recycle guitar and orchestral strings.  Many municipal recycling programs do not accept these items as they have no way to dispose them properly.

Since it was founded, the Playback program has recycled over 3.9 million strings according to D’Addario.

Playback string recycling is fered at many instrument dealers, but the option to mail-in used strings also exists. The partnership with Martin Guitars reaffirms the guitar manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability.

Martin also used the tie-up to highlight its own eco-friendly efforts.  The Martin Guitar factory also has other programs in place to recycle string waste, sound holes, sawdust, and more.  The company also told DMN that 85% Martin guitars are built with .

Martin says its participation in the Playback string recycling program reaffirms their commitment to .

Brian Vance — D’Addario’s Director Product Management — said the ficial partnership will raise awareness another t-overlooked waste product.  “Martin Guitar’s] support reflects their like-minded commitment to eliminating string waste and protecting our planet,” Vance said.  “Together, we hope to show how leading brands can work together as models corporate responsibility and positive change.”

The Playback program is powered by TerraCycle, an international up-cycling and recycling company.  TerraCycle not only recycles products, it also turns waste into new materials and products.  After old guitar strings are collected, for example, they go through a process to separate the metal from nylon. The metal strings are melted down and smelted into new allows. Nylon strings are recycled into many different plastic applications.

TerraCycle has over 330 string recycling centers across the United States; most are partnerships with local musical instrument dealers.