Lil Nas X’s ‘Panini’ Music Video Says Goodbye to Yeehaw and Hello to Sexy Robots

The art department and visual effects team for Lil Nas X’s music video “Panini” deserve … an Academy Award? Nobel Prize? I’m not afraid to say it. The futuristic scene is full lights, holograms, and advertisements. (An excellent way to use product placement in your music video? Set it in 2095 Times Square.) Skai Jackson is using Uber, hopping flights, and hopping out flights to get away from Lil Nas X and his dancing robot friends, who insist she’s being a “meanie.” She is sick and tired him acting foolish! It does not matter how clean the robots can hit the whoa. At the end, he turns the onslaught advertisements into a gorgeous array hologram trees. The “Panini” music video was directed by Mike Diva and the story is by none other than Lil Nas X. We get it, Lil Nas X, you’re multitalented! We’re very jealous. Rub some f on us before you go.