Lana Del Rey Almost Named Her Latest Album Bird World

Bird World? Excuse me, BIRD WORLD?! Lana Del Rey dropped a bombshell while discussing her latest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell! with producer Jack Antonf. Apparently, one the titles considered for the mood record about unstable women and the fuckboys who try to love them was Bird World. Which means, if the multiverse theory reality is true, there is a parallel universe somewhere out there where Lana Del Rey just released an album implicitly about a world birds. Do the Beatles exist in this universe? Who’s to say! Was Tuca & Bertie given a second season in this reality? Almost certainly. It’s the birds’ world, after all.

There is a YouTube channel that remixes films and television shows to LDR’s music. The choices are not intuitive, but they are art the highest form. I’m going to need this auteur to mix a track f Shoulda Been Called “Bird World” to footage birds from Planet Earth immediately. Maybe “Cinnamon Girl.” I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic in saying it could easily end world hunger.