Katy Perry Faces a Third Sexual Assault Accusation

Perry’s first brush against impropriety as an American Idol judge in 2015.

It hasn’t been a particularly good month for pop superstar Katy Perry.

Just last week, a jury after determining that Perry’s 2013 hit song “Dark Horse” infringed on the rapper’s copyright. Then, in the last few days alone, two people have accused the singer sexual misconduct.

The two accusations are actually the second and third made against Perry — and that’s only if you don’t count her grabbing the behind Shawn Mendes at the iHeartRadio Music Awards back in 2017.

In March, former American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze, who is 19 years old, claimed that Perry kissed him without his consent during the taping the show. Glaze, though, refused to press charges and the whole thing was mostly forgotten.

Then, on August 14th, 34-year-old model Josh Kloss made a far more serious accusation. He and Perry met in 2010 during the filming the video for her song “Teenage Dream.”  Kloss said the pair met socially a few times, and he claims that, during a party, Perry exposed his genitals to numerous people in attendance by forcibly pulling down his pants.

Unsurprisingly, many Perry’s fans have spoken out against Kloss on social media, claiming that he’s just seeking fame.

Also, Anderson Davis, who co-starred on Perry’s song “Thinking You,” called Kloss’s claim a “smear job.”

In the latest accusation, Tina Kandelaki, who is a television host in the country Georgia, says that she met Perry at an industry party. Kandelaki claims that, when she met Perry, the singer was not only quite intoxicated but that she also tried to both kiss and touch her in a sexual way. Kandelaki further claims that she witnessed Perry acting inappropriately with other people at the party as well.

So far, Katy Perry has not addressed either the latest two accusations.  If she’s lucky, these will vanish as quickly as the first one did.