Here Are Some Glorious Photos of Beyoncé in Ivy Park Merch

Well, if you haven’t received your giant orange Ivy Park clothing rack, then it’s safe to assume you’re not getting one. Beyoncé’s reinvented Ivy Park collection had its prelaunch today, after months waiting for the brand to bounce back. In November 2018, Beyoncé bought Ivy Park out from its co-owner, Philip Green. She announced plans to switch to collaborating with Adidas back in April. And now the fateful day is among us. Ivy Park ficially launches on January 18, but lucky fans could’ve scored some the new items through a prelaunch sale on Friday. And by lucky we mean very lucky, like a child destiny lucky. Fans tweeted that as soon as the launch was supposed to begin, they were no longer able to access the Ivy Park section the Adidas app. Others said that they never received a notification for when the launch began.

Perhaps fans will have an easier time getting their hands on Ivy Park when it ficially launches on Saturday. In the meantime, those us who didn’t receive Beyoncé’s over the top PR packages can gaze upon Beyoncé’s glory in these new photos the athletic wear. It’s no trunk full shoes, but it’s still a gift.