Harry Styles Whisks You Away to a Mysterious Island in New Music Video Trailer

Come sit on Harry Styles’s lap and let him tell you a little tale. Somewhere far f in the middle a sea exists a frown-shaped island called Eroda, where the sun doesn’t shine and bad luck runs amok. Instead smiling, the citizens have “resting fish face,” and instead happiness, they have fish. But one man goes in a different direction! He can’t help but smile, even though its blinding gleam isolates him from the rest the villagers. No one even says, “Harry, with your smile so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?” The loneliness consumes him, just like how the confusion surrounding this music video trailer will now consume us. Harry Styles has invented the fictional world Eroda (“adore” backwards, to be clear) as the setting for his upcoming music video for the song “Adore You.” The ficial video drops on December 6, a week before his sophomore album, Fine Line, comes out on December 13. Until then, should we all take turns guessing what substance Harry Styles was high on while conceptualizing this video?