Get Ready for Two Coldplay Albums, 100 Years in the Making

Over the last four years, you may (or may not) have asked yourself, Whatever happened to Coldplay? Maybe you wondered it when you heard that cover “Yellow” in Crazy Rich Asians or read that Tina Turner herself is a fan the band. Well, the band has a perfectly reasonable explanation: Chris Martin & Co. have been working, for the last 100 years in fact, on a project called Everyday Life, they write in a letter to fans. If you thought a title couldn’t express an arena-rock band’s hope in humanity, just wait — it’s actually a double album, with one record called Sunrise and one called Sunset. “It is sort how we feel about things,” the band writes their first full-length since 2015’s A Head Full Dreams. Coldplay is also teasing the November 22 release with old-timey, 1919-themed art the band, like a poster fittingly found on the “Yellow” line in São Paulo, Brazil. As if that all wasn’t enough, on November 22, 1919, the longest annular solar eclipse in over 250 years occurred, sticking with the sun motif. So if you can’t tell by now: Coldplay is back, same as ever.