Generis Releases Latest Joint | “Splurge”

Miami, Florida based Hip-Hop artist Generis just released his latest track titled “Splurge”.

Layering his rapid yet smooth flow atop a groovy rhythm, the young artist impresses with the maturity and effortless mastery he demonstrates throughout “Splurge”.

When he was still a young boy, his father was arrested for drug trafficking by a SWAT unit right in front of his eyes. His unfortunate past experiences became the reason why he was introduced to Hip-Hop by a relative, who at the time hoped that the young Generis could channel his energy and frustration into music instead of living a street life. He succeeded at transforming his pain into art, and fought hard to get where he is today.

“Splurge” is an extremely well-crafted joint, where Hip-Hop lovers will appreciate the detail-oriented approach and obvious dedication that was put into the production, writing, and performance of the track.

Have a listen to “Splurge” below, and enjoy the powerful verses of one of the most interesting artists’ releases we’ve heard in a while!

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