Excision and Illenium Debut Unreleased Collaboration during B2B at Lost Lands

Just a few minutes ago, Excision and Illenium debuted a new unreleased collaboration during the last few moments their B2B at Lost Lands. Popular dubstep DJ, Excision, stated that the two them created the new track when their set at Bass Canyon was canceled due to unforeseen weather conditions. Attendees at the festival, as well as those at couchlands (livestream viewers), witnessed the powerful moment and it was surely unforgettable. Hardcore band, I Prevail, is also featured on the track, along with Brian Burkheiser’s vocals, the lead singer the band. Certainly, this is a beautiful track that we can’t wait to listen to throughout all its entirety.

A dedicated fan was able to capture a video the livestream and posted it on Twitter. You can catch a glimpse the gorgeous moment below.