Everything Normani Got Right On Her New Single, ’Motivation’

The transition from member a beloved pop group to solo career is notoriously tricky, but Normani is handling it just fine. On her new single, “Motivation,” which is arguably her first real solo release — since all her other new music featured collaborations with other artists — the still-emerging pop star proves that she knows how and when to drop a career-defining hit, even if hers is still just getting started.

After the somewhat dramatic dissolution Fifth Harmony — sorry, Camila knew what she was worth — it was clear that the other girls would be embarking on their own solo careers, and none these endeavors was more anticipated than Normani. While Camila may have been the first to leave, and is one the most beloved and obviously talented Harmonizers, Normani’s quiet determination spoke volumes.

Not just a powerhouse singer but also an incredible dancer — she was even a finalist on Dancing With The Stars in 2017 — the Atlanta-born, New Orleans-raised artist relocated to Houston in the aftermath Hurricane Katrina in 2005, citing the fact that it was Beyonce’s hometown as a major factor that impacted that decision. Whether it was nature or nurture, elements all three these powerhouse musical epicenters have made their way into Normani’s skillful blend hip-hop, pop, R&B and dance is showcased to a T on “Motivation.” There are so many things this song and video release got right that it’s almost hard to count them.