Distrokid Offers TikTok Distribution — Beating CD Baby and Tunecore

Distrokid Offers TikTok Distribution — Beating CD Baby and Tunecore

TikTok distribution is now being heavily requested by artists — for obvious reasons.

As this past weekend, independent artists can now use DistroKid to get their music onto the TikTok platform.  Effective immediately, TikTok is now simply another option for uploading artists.

DistroKid founder Philip Kaplan says indie artists have been asking for TikTok integration for months.  Distrokid looks like the first indie music distribution platform to fer support for the emerging platform.

A cursory glance at CD Baby’s partner list shows TikTok is nowhere on the list.  Tunecore’s site reveals a similar gap, though in fairness, both services are likely working on adding the viral platform to their endpoints.  TikTok’s massively popular platform has contributed to music growth in tons new ways, which suggests that the platform will probably be fered by all distributors in the near future.

Justin Bieber is responsible for bringing Lil Nas X to the world’s attention TikTok, a move that shot TikTok’s industry visibility into the stratosphere.  Kaplan fered a brief summary recent history this way: “It’s where “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X (longest-running #1 single in history) found its initial audience and took f as a viral hit.”

Back in April, TikTok announced the TikTok Spotlight program for indie musicians.  It’s a way that musicians can build a community followers and showcase their original works.

TikTok’s massive growth makes it an essential platform for emerging artists.

TikTok opened a special channel for users to submit their music through the TikTok Spotlight Portal. Until the DistroKid integration, the TikTok Spotlight was basically the only way to feature indie content in the app. Now with DistroKid on board, TikTok submissions have grown a tad simpler.

TikTok Spotlight highlights original content to be promoted in TikTok’s featured playlist. Musicians who upload Spotlight are also verified and feature a unique badge on their priles. TikTok unveiled that program in back in March.