Did Blue Ivy Approve of Tina Knowles-Lawson Exposing Beyoncé Like This?

Somewhere, Blue Ivy Carter is yelling, “Get The Wall Street Journal on the phone, immediately!” The brains and the braun behind Beyoncé’s whole operation, Blue Ivy can’t be happy with her grandma Tina Knowles-Lawson telling the WSJ that Beyoncé is working on something new. “I mean, my art pieces are like my children,” Knowles-Lawson said her art collection. “I just lent some my art pieces to Beyoncé for her new project that she’s doing, and I’m looking at my walls and it just makes me sad, because I miss seeing all my babies there.”

Mrs. Knowles-Lawson, we are so sorry for your losses, but did you just say “new” “Beyoncé” “project”? Our three favorite words? Now that Ivy Park has ficially dropped, what else does Beyoncé have up her sleeve? And why does it involve her mother’s art? Speculating about what Beyoncé is planning is enough to make anyone crazy. We already have to deal with Rihanna, CEO Where’s the Album, not dropping the album. “New project that she’s doing” is probably the most advance warning we’ve gotten for a Beyoncé drop in years. Maybe Blue Ivy knew we were weary from Rihanna’s antics. Or maybe she just stayed up too late networking at the Carters’ Oscars after-party. Either way, according to Mrs. Tina, freakum dresses might have to come out storage sooner rather than later.