Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Is Guided By ’Faith, Fight, And Finish’

SHREVEPORT, La. – Dak Prescott has one number and three words to honor his mother, his family, and his home. Peggy, who died colon cancer in 2013 when Dak was at Mississippi State, was born on the fourth September, and he chose his number with the Cowboys – 4 – for her. But it was the words she gave to each her three boys that carry them and have strengthened their bonds as they’ve looked out for one another ever since.

Dak, Tad, and Jace were each given a word by Peggy, and they hold those words close, as well as tattooing their names on each other’s bodies. For Jace, it was “Finish.” For Tad, “Fight.” And for Dak, “Faith.”

“Everything we do we just keep her in mind,” Dak says from Independence Stadium, where he and his brothers made lasting memories on the football field. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.”

Prescott recently filmed a Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial just miles from where he made a name for himself at Haughton High School. He brought Tad and Jace into the shoot to reinforce the idea home, a feeling that has only crystalized as Prescott has gotten older and continued his career with the Cowboys (one that should lead to a big payday soon as the two sides continue contract negotiations). Home isn’t just a sense place for the Prescott brothers; it’s an exhale, a chance to let their guards down and reconnect with each other. Once there, the joking starts, the silences don’t seem as uncomfortable, and the old stories start flowing.
The gas station that has ice cream that tastes just like their grandmother’s banana pudding. The fishing trips. The everything pizza they had shipped to Dallas. The time they wrestled and broke the closet door. That game when coach threw all the chairs in the locker room right here in Independence Stadium.

Late June wasn’t just a chance to film a commercial and to bring his brothers into it for Dak; it was an opportunity to live out what Peggy always wanted for her boys — to show that home never leaves you, the same way a tattoo is on your body forever. Uproxx spoke with Dak about those three words so near and dear to his heart — faith, fight, and finish — as well as football and family from Shreveport.