Capé Drops ‘Outtactrl’ And Gets Ready To Perform A Series Of Shows In Ottawa

Capé has put on his creator gloves again to release his newest music video, “Outtactrl”, a high energy rap track that won’t disappoint lovers of the genre, so much it is well built and performed with a seemingly effortless but brilliant technique. The Ottawa based Hip-Hop artist is getting ready to take on the stage on the 25th as the opening act of Aaron Cohen in his hometown of Ottawa, and will follow through with a series of performances on the 8th and 9th of August. The Egyptian native has come a long way since he started music, and can be proud of the hard work and perseverance he’s demonstrated throughout the years. Two days ago, the rapper shared a new freestyle on YouTube titled, “Dreamland Sessions”, where he once again showcases the wide range of his skills. Have a listen to his latest drops below, and don’t forget to give a follow to the talented Capé on Instagram.