Britney Spears Pop-Up Store Has the Same Name as a Nearby Sex Club

The Zone is the name an upcoming new Britney Spears experience in Los Angeles. It’s also the name a popular gay men’s sex club just a few minutes away from Spears’ location.

The Spears’ Zone is said to be the penultimate Britney Spears experience.

It will feature a total 10 rooms filled with signature items, memorabilia, and an exhibit the fake commercial airliner from the singer’s “Toxic” music video.  There is also an exhibit from her “Circus” tour that includes a live ringmaster, a 40-foot long tightrope photo walk, a tarot card reader machine, the bike, and a tour jacket. This immersive experience is named after the American pop star’s fourth studio album, the 2003 release In the Zone.

Unfortunately for Spears’ fans, there is already another immersive experience in the area known as “The Zone.” This place, however, fers X-rated experiences.  According to its website, this adult business claims to be the best sex club for gay men in all Southern California.

This gay Zone fers other attractions including “BJ bullpens and stalls,” private booths, a TV lounge, two floors mazes, and an outdoor patio. The site notes that while most the patrons remain clothed, being naked is acceptable as well.  Both ‘Zones’ are situated in the same neighborhood.

Spears’ Zone is opening on Fairfax Avenue near Third Street. The gay Zone is mere minutes away on Sycamore Avenue close to Santa Monica Boulevard. An unnamed source reminded the press that the gay sex venue is legally known as “The Zone L.A.”

At press time, Spears herself had not responded to inquiries. A representative for the entertainer did tell the press that Spears’ ‘Zone’ is designed to be “a temporary interactive experience” that will allow her biggest fans to make a special connection with Spears.

Tickets are now on sale — just make sure you book the right one.