Bohemian Rhapsody Producer to Disco Strut on to a Bee Gees Biopic

Graham King, the producer the Oscar-winning and timeline-muddling Bohemian Rhapsody, is working on a movie about the Bee Gees. According to Deadline, King doing the project with Paramount and producer-financier Sister. Paramount bought the life rights to the Gibb brothers for King, and the film will be able to use the immense catalogue Bee Gee songs. Are little brother Andy’s tunes lumped into the deal? One hopes, or else the pic cannot be our everything.

The Bee Gees had decades hits, beginning their career in the 50’s in Australia. They didn’t blow up in America until the 70’s disco revolution, where their falsetto and staccato singing emphasized the four-on-the-floor rhythms that genre. Anyone who’s heard the incredible episode Slate’s Hit Parade podcast about the Bee Gees knows that their story is a sad one, full disasters both real (sudden death) and imagined (New York Mining). Paramount recently hit 70’s musical biopic gold with Rocketman.