Audio Editing Startup Accusonus Raises $3.3 Million Series A

Audio Editing Startup Accusonus Raises $3.3 Million Series A

Audio editing start-up Accusonus has raised $3.3 million in Series A funding. The company is based in Greece and the U.S. ⁠— Venture Friends led this funding round.

Accusonus was launched in 2014 to find new and novel ways to use AI and machine learning in audio.

The first product the company released was Drumatom, allowing recording engineers to control microphone leakage in drum recordings. In 2017 Accusonus released Regroover ⁠— an AI stware instrument that un-mixes audio loops into stems.

Most recently, the company has developed a new suite tools for producers to clean up audio in video and podcasts. Many impromptu recording sessions take place on a smartphone in a noisy background.

Accusonus wants to bring high-quality audio using AI-driven tools that remove the learning curve for audio editing. CEO Alex Tsilfidis says Accusonus is inventing new algorithms that fine-tune the UX Accusonus’ products for entry-level users. He says the tuning should help speed up workflows for pressionals, too.

Accusonus’ Enhancement and Repair Audio tools work a single ‘virtual’ knob turn. The ERA tools are plugins that are compatible with most major audio and video platforms. Audacity, Garageband, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut, Avid Pro Tools, and several others. A full list compatible stware can be found here.

The company’s latest products are aimed at bringing high-quality audio editing to the masses. But the company ten uses pressional users’ feedback to help tweak its products. Those improvements are translated into a product that’s even more intuitive for entry-level users.

Accusonus fers a free trial for its suite ERA plugins that include tools like noise remover, reverb remover, voice leveler, de-esser, plosive remover, and de-clipper. The stware helps even out distracting volume differences in voice recordings ⁠— which is a huge boon for the podcasting industry at large.