Apple Music Selects Gay Times as an Official Curator

Apple Music has been busy as late.

Last month, the music streaming service for a trademark filing in Canada.  Apple Music would now resurrect its forgotten mini-documentary series focusing on up-and-coming artists – Up Next.

Then, just days before its 4th-year anniversary, the company its music streaming service now had 60 million subscribers.  After 10 years, its rival, Spotify, has over 100 million.

Five days later, Apple Music dramatically expanded its summer concert series.  Bad Bunny, Daniel Caesar, Khalid, Ashley McBryde, King Princess, Lewis Capaldi, and Jessie Reyez – all Up Next artists – will host a series ‘intimate’ performances.

Returning to the much-maligned ‘exclusives’ arena, the company signed a unique agreement with French rap duo .  In exchange for four timed streaming-exclusive singles, Apple Music’s deal includes co-branded videos and promotions in the months ahead.  PNL will also remain independent.

A source hinted the company will work on similar ‘exclusive’ deals with other artists.

Now, the music streaming service has confirmed a new curator.

Welcoming the European digital provider into the curator space.

Gay Times, a European LGBTQ media brand, has confirmed a “significant collaboration” with Apple Music.

Through curated playlists, the media company will showcase queer music acts from across the LGBTQ community.

Officially unveiling its status as a curator, Gay Times wrote,

The project is being supported by a wider…media campaign, featuring next-generation queer talent such as Kim Petras, GIRLI, Vincint, and ALMA.

The Cupertino company will promote the collaboration with a series digital billboards in London and Manchester.

Speaking about the partnership, Lewis Corner, Gay Times’ Chief Content Officer, explained,

The LGBTQ community has had a long relationship with music, using it both as a protest and a party.  Many the icons within our community are pop stars, and with Queer & Now, we aim to unearth the role models the future that will lead the way to greater LGBTQ representation and acceptance.


Featured image by Gay Times.