A$AP Rocky Released from Prison as Judge Deliberates; Trump Credits Pressure from U.S. Government

Donald Trump and Melania Trump discussing the A$AP Rocky situation, July 19th, 2019.

A$AP Rocky has finally been released from jail, but he’s not yet in the clear.

The judge who’s presiding over Rocky’s case made an exception and more or less granted him bail. Because Sweden doesn’t have a cash-based bail system and because authorities previously ruled A$AP Rocky to be a flight risk, he spent the vast majority July—and the first days August—behind bars.

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the judge and authorities to flip-flop on Rocky’s bail situation after what was, objectively speaking, a month ample controversy, criticism, and pressure.

President Trump stated that his efforts, including calling Sweden’s prime minister, dispatching the lead U.S. hostage negotiator to Rocky’s trial, and sending a powerfully worded letter, did the trick. He may well be right; before this, it seemed highly unlikely that Rocky would be allowed to leave jail, let alone travel to the United States, before his trial’s conclusion. (He touched down in the States on August 2nd.)

A$AP Rocky took to Instagram to thank the many individuals who’ve been supporting him.

Rocky must appear in court when his verdict is returned. And if he’s found guilty, he will be required to serve his sentence. He faces a maximum two years behind bars, though prosecutors have said that they’d recommend a sentence between six months and one year in length, provided the decision goes their way.

During this court case, which many expected to be a cut-and-dry, by-the-books display that proved Rocky’s innocence, prosecutors introduced new video footage and text messages that provided a different perspective. However, these same prosecutors admitted that the victim had been following and taunting Rocky and his crew before the alleged assault took place, and Rocky and his defense maintain that the altercation was the result self-defense.

The court case’s verdict is expected to be announced on Wednesday, August 14th.