A Fire In The Amazon — An Explainer

Wild forest fires are ten unpredictable and nearly unstoppable forces nature. Right now, a vast area the Amazon Rainforest is ablaze. The fire is spreading so fast that, according to reports from the BBC, a football field is incinerated every minute. This has been going on for over three weeks and even longer along the fringes the world’s lungs (the Amazon Rainforest accounts for 20 percent the entire planet’s oxygen).

So what the hell is going on? Also, why was the Amazon Rainforest only trending on Twitter for the first time yesterday? We explore.

The Political Side Of The Matter

Brazil’s newly elected leader, Jair Bolsonaro, campaigned on reopening the Brazilian Rainforest for industrialization. He even went so far as to promise he’d take away all Indigenous territories and “give guns” to ranchers, loggers, and miners. It was dire campaign rhetoric from a far-right candidate. The thing is, he seems to be doing exactly what he promised.

Life for Brazil’s Indigenous populations has been devastated. And, within a week, Brazil’s parliament will vote on whether to take all rights away from Indigenous landholders and give agribusiness and the mineral extraction industry a “legal” right to take whatever they want from whomever they want.

So, what does all this have to do with the Amazon Rainforest burning down at alarming rates? Well, basically, farmers, loggers, and miners are simply clearing the land forest, animals, and people with the instrument fire. They’re emboldened, no doubt, by Bolsonaro and his cadre comrades. In short, their tactic is to clear the land and displace the Indigenous population is uncontrolled wildfire.

Why You Should Care

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The AMAZON RAINFOREST has been burning for 3 weeks ….. WTF! Nobody is saying a word ! Nobody is doing nothing for our largest rainforest in the world ! Nobody is doing anything for some the most beautiful people in the world nobody is doing anything for the animals 😨! Mother Nature is angry with us … you better wake up or she’s gonna give us all the smoke 💨 News /media outlets are quick to cover bullshit and negative stories but won’t talk about the important things 🌍 Pray for Brazil 🇧🇷 All my friends in south America send me updates I’ll keep whosever watching posted and help as much as i can 🤘🏾 TU TU BANGGG • A amazônia está queimando há 3 semanas ….. wtf! Ninguém está dizendo uma palavra! Ninguém está fazendo nada pela nossa maior floresta tropical do mundo! Ninguém está fazendo nada por algumas das pessoas mais bonitas do mundo, ninguém está fazendo nada pelos animais! A mãe natureza está com raiva de nós … é melhor você acordar ou ela vai nos dar toda a fumaça 💨 Notícias / meios de comunicação são rápidos para cobrir besteiras e histórias negativas, mas não falam sobre as coisas importantes 🌍 Ore pelo Brasil 🇧🇷 #brasil #brazil #amazon

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First f, we sort need the Amazon to survive on this planet. As mentioned above, the forest produces 20-percent all oxygen that we breathe. That’s before we even get to how losing a forest that big will accelerate extremes in weather around the globe and the melting the ice caps, which is already happening at breakneck speeds.

Yes, the forest has been on fire before. However, according to reliable resources reported on by the BBC, this year has already seen “74,000 fires between January and August — the highest number since records began in 2013.” Then, just in the last six days, there have been another “9,500 forest fires” reported, also according to the BBC. To put that in perspective, that’s double the number fires from last year and we’re not even in September yet (when parts Brazil inch closer to their summer).