30% of Beatles Streams on Spotify Are Coming from 18-24 Year-Olds

photo: Atanas Paskalev

Spotify recently revealed that songs by The Beatles have been streamed roughly 1.7 billion times to this point in 2019. More impressive yet is the fact that about 30 percent these streams came from individuals between the ages 18 and 24.

In other words, by bridging the gap between several generations, The Beatles have done what many music experts believed was impossible. A plethora other all-time-great artists have seen their success and reach limited to their initial audience—that is, the main demographic fans that listened to the band’s music during their heyday.

But in a day and age when music genres and styles are constantly evolving, The Beatles have managed to find a new — and highly lucrative — audience. While it’s true that Spotify’s tech-savvy users are generally young, it seems likely that other Beatles fans will continue to support the band through digital and physical purchases.  In this way, The Beatles’ body work will be appreciated, albeit in different ways, by old and new listeners alike.

It’s also worth noting that The Beatles’ songs account for a major portion Spotify’s total streams.

20.6 million monthly users, or nearly 10 percent the platform’s 220 million or so total monthly users, listen to Beatles tracks. (The latter figure includes users who listen to adverts instead paying a subscription fee; about 110 million users pay for Spotify.)

In honor Abbey Road‘s 50th anniversary, a Super Deluxe Boxset Edition was released on September 27th. The all-encompassing collection includes four CDs and 23 tracks (namely demos and test recordings) that weren’t featured on the original cut Abbey Road; each the songs was remixed and remastered.

A 100-page book detailing The Beatles’ history also comes with the set. Additionally, smaller versions—Abbey Road reissues with just one or two CDs, or with three or fewer LPs—were also released on September 27th.

At 79 years age, Ringo Starr is continuing to record new music and tour. His 20th album, What’s My Name, will release on October 25th. He recently wrapped a 16-show anniversary concert series with his All-Starr Band. Paul McCartney, for his part, finished his Freshen Up tour in July.