Axel Leon – "Juicus Christ" – Album!

Axel Leon’s album Juicus Christ is here! The Bronx-Latino rapper let’s us know that the Bronx will continue to headline the hip hop scene with trendy trap infused songs like “Real Life” to street melodic testaments like “Regrets.” We got a solid taste what Puerto Rican-American Rapper Axel is bringing to the album from his recent freestyle at the BET […]

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Tony Mantana – Tony Mantana

“Tony Mantana” keeps it 100: ‘if you ain’t talkin’ dollars, silly, you ain’t makin’ sense’. The self-titled single is blowing up in the streets. Djs across the world are saying that “Tony Mantana” is on a come up. With Big Head on the beat, this is a certified banger. The rap trap god delivers catchy street party verses, a melodic […]

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Facebook Guarantees Your Music Video Won't Get Ripped Down

After fighting endless DMCA takedown requests, Facebook finally grants indie musicians and content creators pre-cleared songs. Late last year, indie musician Ari Herstand touched upon a problem plaguing Facebook. Musicians on the world’s largest social network love posting videos.  That includes covers wildly popular songs from artists like Ed Sheeran.  Major rights owners, most notoriously Universal Music Publishing Group, aggressively […]

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