Someone’s Salty: Saints Season Ticket Holder Sues For His Money Back After Players Protest Anthem

A New Orleans Saints season ticket holder is doing the most to show he’s not particularly happy with players protesting police brutality and racial injustice in America. Lee Dragna, according to new reports, is suing the team for an $8,000 ticket reimbursement because apparently, kneeling during the anthem ruins the games.

Dragna filed a lawsuit on Monday according to The New Orleans Advocate, claiming “the rowdy, angry reaction the people around his seats has made the tickets unusable by him and his family.”

The site goes on to say that Dragna claims the behavior fans who are upset by the protesting is “borderline dangerous,” but that fault lies with owner Tom Benson, as he’s “allowed” players to make games political.

“It’s my thought pattern that (players) should not be allowed (to protest),” he said, according to The New Orleans Advocate. “If you sell tickets to a gaming event for entertainment, you should not be allowed to turn it political.”